February Blocks

What you will need

  • batik fabric

Q&A with knittinganet

saxostamper asked:
Nice job, I didn't get on so well with the triangles and still dont' like them that much !
knittinganet answered:
What happened with the triangles for you?
saxostamper asked:
Although I have a quilting foot, I find it difficult to do the scant quarter inch seam... although I am getting better.
knittinganet answered:
My quarter inch foot has a bar that hangs down that I hate. I think I'd do better without the bar, but I still use it.
saxostamper asked:
Mine has a bar too but I think you are right, I may well snap mine off. It sometimes gets in the way anyway...
knittinganet answered:
I think mine unscrews.
innerwave asked:
Very beautiful blocks - love the color scheme! Thanks for sharing.
knittinganet answered:
Thanks. Too bad I have yet to put the blocks together. I'm hindered by the quilting part. LOL. But I'll get there.

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