Feathers & Angles

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That I am actually using what I learned in Ann's class in a real quilt and not being such a perfectionist! What advice would you give someone starting this project? It's fun to clean out those scrap bins that you have stashed in the closet - try it! And watch out when quilting the borders - I got way to close to the edge a few times - lost part of some feathers when the binding went on.

What you will need

  • Batiks
  • cotton & polyester threads

Q&A with Darns

AlyxRansom asked:
Wow -- this is super interesting -- and in a very good way! Especially liking how it goes together as a whole piece. Beautiful!
Darns answered:
Thanks, I had no clue how all these weird batiks would work
3patch asked:
Great color choice. Thanks for sharing!
Darns answered:
Thanks a lot - but not much choice - I used what I had
AlyxRansom asked:
So -- what do you have on your sliding door so you can stick stuff onto it? (I'm using an old foam-core court exhibit -- but it's only about half the size of my closet door and it's bowing -- so I'm on the lookout for something else.)
Darns answered:
Hi, Alyx, yes I am using a sliding closet door as my "design wall". I tacked some white flannel to the door. Fortunately the sliding doors are large enough for a 42" wide piece of flannel.
AlyxRansom asked:
Ah -- so you just "place" whatever piece/s you're working with onto the flannel and it sticks? I think my doors might be 42 or 44 -- hmm... that would work... thanks! (In the middle of this (my very first) quilt project I had to stop -- I'm making a dress [taking a class] and tonight's the last night of class. Then I'm back to finish my second block for March... and then on to April! Yay!
Darns answered:
Individual blocks will stick to the flannel but the completed quilt was too heavy so I pinned it to the flannel. There are just 3 pushpins holding up the flannel. In one of these classes, the instructor takes down the flannel about every 6 months, washes it, & dries in a hot dryer to maximize static (no dryer sheet). I haven't had this up that long yet.
Ann Petersen asked:
Nice quilting!
Darns answered:
Thanks, Ann! This was also the first time I tried spray basting a quilt this size. Sure saves the poor sore fingers from all that pinning. I did have some problems dealing with such lengths of sticky backing and top but I figure I'll learn.

Skill Level