Economy Block- March

Project Description

What are you most proud of? This is a 17.5" block with a 12.5" block within. This is the largest block I've ever made. The outer black triangles are "setting" triangles, as they are part of the quilt background. This Sampler is put together rather scattered in its arrangement - definitely not symmetrical in its layout. A bit hard to envision how all the other pieces fit in. If I figure it out, I will be most proud. :-) What advice would you give someone starting this project? Be careful where you place your background fabric since its part of fitting all your blocks together. The use of the background fabric is not spelled out. You kind if catch on as you go.

What you will need

  • 100% Cotton Fabric Guttermann 100% Cotton Thread
  • 50 wt.

Q&A with Ladybev

leekav asked:
love these colors. Is this option B or A?
Ladybev answered:
I followed the one on the 2nd page that had a 6.5" square center and those big 10" triangles. At first I wasn't sure which block to make, then realized that the second one looked like the teachers. I would say this is "B."
DeGramma asked:
Ladybev, this is a beautiful block!!! Love the choice of fabrics, especiall in the B piece, really striking......love your colors.
Ladybev answered:
You asked whether the big triangles had to be in your background. I think you need to use your background fabric for these big 10" triangles, if you want your 12" block within, to "float" like in her Sampler. You could use black, that you love, but the block will appear 17" when you surround it with your background. If you like it -go for it! :-)

Skill Level