Project Description

What are you most proud of? I wanted this block to really start unifying my quilt. I also wanted to further the "alien" aspect of the quilt, while still having it solidly earthy. Can you see the portal? I also decided I disliked the center circle, and when I tried it with a large hexie -- WOW -- it just started the process of unifying the whole quilt! I love this block! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Make the quilt You want! And... have Fun!

What you will need

  • My BOM Fabrics

Q&A with AlyxRansom

patz in suffolk asked:
What a super idea! (I may have to copy it - with your permission, of course!)
AlyxRansom answered:
Yes, yes, permission granted, absolutely! Thanks!
Darns asked:
Great block! This is going to be so great all together. What are you using for sashing?
AlyxRansom answered:
Um, er, uh, I'm just going to see what Amy has us do. This is my first-ever quilting experience, so I'm... not sure (most of the time) what I'm doing!
Sally Jo asked:
This is simply gorgeous. I too may have to BORROW it!
AlyxRansom answered:
Borrow away! Thanks!
Pamillia asked:
Yes I can see the portal & I really like the hex i. Your block is really pretty. Thank you for sharing.
AlyxRansom answered:
I love the portal. Have you seen the aliens in two of the other blocks?
NanaJeanFL asked:
Love the portal and the 3D thing you've got going here. Great block!!
AlyxRansom answered:
HI WanJean (I can't quite figure out what to call you -- though I feel like I really *know* you) -- thanks for the kind words. (I also can't tell why some of my responses show up and some don't -- hence the occasional double comment.) Eek.

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