Dreamweaver from Peggy Martin's class

What you will need

Q&A with Havingfun

KeencraftaKaren asked:
Really beautiful, I love how the black background makes the colours pop, great job.
Havingfun answered:
Thank you. I am really happy with the way it turned out .
DeeDeeKnits asked:
This is gorgeous! Nice job.
Havingfun answered:
Thank you.
Debra Clutter asked:
Very pretty!
Havingfun answered:
Thank you. It really brightens the room.
Peggy Martin asked:
Wow! It' great to see a bed-sized version of the Dreamweaver quilt! It looks so bright and cheerful on your bed - and the quilting is spectacular, especially along the black border. Beautiful!
Havingfun answered:
Thank you, Peggy. Can't wait to do another paper pieced project.