Dragon in Gold

What you will need

  • I used Heat N Bond Lite
  • scissors
  • a photocopier to blow the pattern up to almost fat quarter size. I had to redraw/trace the pattern with a lightbox after blowing it up so much just to fit it all together well & see the lines well. Original pattern would make a small dragon for a smaller block. I would like to use some of the curvy pieces found in the pattern to create a red fire coming out of the dragon's mouth
  • spilling over the rest of the quilt. I did not cut out the dragon head as in the pattern
  • not that I didn't like that detail
  • but I was tired of cutting so much
  • and I am planning on getting a red jewel to use for the eye of the dragon instead. I haven't located the jewel yet. There are more pieces to the quilt coming as I develop them. The corner celtic knots are patterns also by Quilting Support! The center celtic knots are from a celtic quilting book.

Q&A with scientificquilt

HumburgCreation asked:
Wow that is absolutely beautiful! My I use your picture for this pattern? Or if you would prefer to post the story of your project for the Best Moments Quilting Contest on QuiltingSupport.com you'll have a very good chance at the free patterns that will be given way to the winner!
scientificquilt answered:
I don't mind if you use my picture for the pattern. It was a great inspiration for other pieces of a quilt that I am starting to design around it! Feel free to crop out the extra stuff in my sewing room that is not quilt related.