Debbie's quilt

Project Description

What was your inspiration? I made this for my friend's birthday. These are her favorite colors. I gave it to her today and she loves it.

What you will need

  • Cotton fabric
  • yarn

Q&A with Gayla JM

mimis quilts asked:
awesome. is this just one solid piece of fabric or squares?
Gayla JM answered:
This was made with 4 large squares of fabric layered and I slashed out the shapes.
Kathy Riggs asked:
And, how many layers? Did you couch this project, also?
Gayla JM answered:
There are 4 full layers with the light fabric being layer 2 as well as I put a square of the light fabric behind each of the 4 center squares making a 5th layer
Terri TIMMONS asked:
Hi Gayla JM, I love love love your quilt, I also was wanting to make a memory quilt/throw using the stitch and slash technique by incorporating some fabric from my Dad's shirts and pictures, like you did on the 5th layer only doing it on the 4th layer so it would show bigger, but I was concerned it would make the quilt/throw to stiff? Also what did you use for a backing and binding to finish the quilt, help me please, this is a present for my daughters 31st b-day.
Gayla JM answered:
I don't think it would make it too stiff. Just don't overlap their edges. I used a regular piece of cotton fabric on the back like any quilt with a cotton batting. I finished the edge with piping. Not too hard of a binding but not a beginner thing either. Not sure if you are use to putting in piping or not.

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