Dave's blocks for his future quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The material, I have been collecting it for a long time. I would have liked another dark material with music stuff on it, but I can not wait forever. He loves music!!! and it will remind him of me whenever he sees his quilt. He loved the quilt I made for Kara (my first ed quilt that I pieced.) He said black and white it match anything. I think he wanted it , but it was already planned for Kara. What advice would you give someone starting this project? I found the first time I made this pattern, when sewing the pieces together, It matters how you arrange the pieces . first row: black second row: black then white third row: White. sew 4 of them together to make white star in the meddle. Use as many square as you want for size. the blocks are 12 inches when completed. The black broader is an inch and a half when finished. I made piano keys (black , white , black, while as a final broader. The pieces were 5 1/2 inches for piano keys, before sewn.

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Q&A with Davesmom

Ladymax asked:
I love the pattern and the colours are my favourite
Davesmom answered:
This my favorite pattern and I am enjoying sewing this quilt. I love back and white.
Julieannabell asked:
This is wonderful and so creative. Congratulations Julieannabell.
Davesmom answered:
Thank you, Hope my son loves it.
patz in suffolk asked:
All that black and white is a knockout! What a lovely combination - as your son said, it will go with anything. Well done - I look forward to seeing it all finished and quilted in the New Year. Happy Christmas!
Davesmom answered:
Thank you. It will be Feb. before I'll have time for it. I am also looking forward having it done.
Pamillia asked:
Wonderful fabric & pattern choices. It will be fun to see Dave's quilt when finished. This is a beautiful quilt. Well done. Thank you for sharing.
Davesmom answered:
It was fun picking our the material. There was not as many choice of the black with white on it, but it still works for me. Thank you for your nice comments.

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