Cushion /front

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I like the layering of the stencils. Normally I would have just quilted a filler around the basket, but after Cindy's class I decided to try adding dimension by having the feathered heart go under the basket and into the border. I like the effect asI think it does add interest. Not sure about the colouring in though. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Try new techniques by making something small eg a cushion or mug rug rather than just scraps

What you will need

  • fabric
  • prismacolour pencils
  • textile medium and normal other sewing/quilting supplies

Q&A with JolovestoQuilt

Cindy Needham asked:
You have created a masterpiece! Way to go girl! I LOVE how you layered, your over/under and congratulations on crossing over into the border...very impressed! I also love how you colored everything in. This is something I want to start messing around with've inspired me :)
JolovestoQuilt answered:
Thank you so much. I'd have never combined stencils if it wasn't for your class or looking at your quilts. The idea of under and over has changed forever how I look at quilting. I also would never have given myself permission to cross a seam line especially into a border without your class. Thank you.
K Lee 2Strings asked:
This is so pretty! Fantastic FMQ! What did you use for filling in your colors?
JolovestoQuilt answered:
I used Prismacolour pencils, then painted over with textile medium that kind of blends these pencils like watercolour paint. Thanks for the comment.
Deb Cavanaugh asked:
That feathered heart is seriously under that basket. Amazing illusion. The basket is so pretty too. It is really a great piece of art.
JolovestoQuilt answered:
Thanks. I really learnt so much from Cindy's class and will be exploring these ideas some more. Love your work too btw I think I'm following you.. Ha ha sounds like I'm a stalker.
Curlyque Sue asked:
This is just gorgeous. To reiterate Deb's comments basket really looks like it is sitting on top of the feathers. Awesome job. I haven't tried layering stencils yet but its next on my list. thanks for the inspiration.
JolovestoQuilt answered:
Thanks - I tried trapunto for the first time for the basket, so I think that and the shading of the background helps with the illusion of the basket on top.
bellabarbara asked:
Awesome! Now I know what to do with my prismacolor pencils and textile medium...all these practice blocks I've been doing on muslin will be colored in! Have you tried laundering the pencil/medium combo? LOVE it!
JolovestoQuilt answered:
Haven't tried washing it. I think I have washed a sample before and it came out fine.

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