Civil War Quilt

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What are you most proud of? I am so very proud of this quilt. The techniques that I learned were incredibly useful and easy to learn and adapt to. I would suggest this course to any beginner or anyone quilter who wants to improve their piecing skills. I wont be able to quilt it for a month or two, but it will be finished. =)

Q&A with theoldcrow

patz in suffolk asked:
That is really beautiful - it really is something to be proud of!
theoldcrow answered:
thank you very much
jo_ asked:
Beautiful quilt. You did a wonderful job of piecing. I'm following the class closely hoping to improve my piecing. I'd be happy if mine looked half as nice as yours. Did you use your own stash fabric or the fat quarters for the class?
theoldcrow answered:
I was pretty much a mediocre "piecer"; always fudging; always giving up some of my points for "squareness". But, I followed this class closely. The first thing I realized is that we were not too far off from the process Kate teaches. A few tweaks, a couple of changes and I have become extremely confident in my ability to trust the outcome through the process. And, to answer your fabric question: I did not buy any new fabric for this class. All the fabric comes from my personal stash. I happen to favor t raditional quilting and civil war repo fabrics. And, I love to use muslin. I will even coffee stain my muslin as I did for the border and some blocks. For me, muslin looks great in a quilt like this, and the coffee stain adds a bit of texture to the muslin. Thank you again for your comments.
SEW1971 asked:
It is indeed a beautiful quilt and we all know it wasn't easy to do. Congratulations.
theoldcrow answered:
thank you so much...
LindaMorris asked:
wow it really looks great
theoldcrow answered:
thank you
Kay C Rossow asked:
Your quilt is exquisite. I can't wait to finish mine.
theoldcrow answered:
thank you

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