Christmas Quilt

What you will need

  • 100% cottons
  • So Fine thread by Superior Thread
  • freehand feathers
  • ruler and template work
  • pattern made up as I went along.

Q&A with Kimmy Brunner

AZWendyG asked:
Another gorgeous quilt! Are the narrow red strips piping?
Kimmy Brunner answered:
Yes, Wendy, they are. I loved piped quilts, and make my piping using Susan Cleveland's Piping Hot Binding tool. It's a slick little gizmo that allows you to quickly and easily create perfect little tiny piping strips. I love it!
damdifino asked:
I am looking for the pattern can you help me with the pattern
Kimmy Brunner answered:
Hi Damdifino- I started with this block pattern http://www.mccallsquilting.com/qb/mccallsquilting/pattern_1207/index.html and made the rest of the quilt up as I went along.
baglady1869264 asked:
How did you go about learning to do feathers?
Kimmy Brunner answered:
I practiced drawing them first. Once I could draw them, I could quilt them. They are so much easier than they look :)