Chain Block ~~ Sept BOM

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? I ordered the recommended templates from Marti Mitchell. I also did a You-Tube search on sewing Drunkard's Path blocks... I was a little nervous about this project! Plus, I hate to pin!!! I was not looking forward to sewing all those fiddly curves! Someone had mentioned a special presser foot... called the "Curve Master" -- I watched the videos, and read the reviews. It sounded great, so I ordered it. I really did not want to bother with pinning, and this foot promised that there would be NO PINNING! Well, it arrived, and I was happy to see that it included adapters for all kinds of machines, but for my Janome, it just snapped right on without any adapter. So far, so good! It wobbled around a little bit, but I was looking forward to assembling all of the curves that I had prepared. There is a special technique of holding the fabric a certain way and feeding it into the front under the foot... all shown very clearly on You-tube... Unfortunately, this particular foot did not get along with my machine... Boo Hoo! My needle kept hitting the edge, and the feed dogs scraped on the bottom of it.... I could not adjust it so that it worked smoothly! So after several tries, I re-attached my beloved Quarter-Inch foot and decided to try the same no-pin technique with it... Did I mention that I really dislike pinning!?! Well, I sewed very slowly, and carefully... my quarter-inch foot has a metal guide that helped a lot! I held that top fabric up at an angle and listened to the rythm of the machine...nudged the fabric into place, and used tweezers to feed the last bit under the foot... and it actually came out beautifully. I would not have had to spend $20 on that useless foot!,,, but at least I learned the technique, and I didn't have to pin!!! I'm not saying it was easy, but I would do this again! If you are interested in the no-pin technique, this link may be helpful: Also:

What you will need

  • Cotton fabrics in black
  • white and red

Q&A with Di4N4

sopranogirl45 asked:
Very nice choice of fabric, Looks lovely.
Di4N4 answered:
Thank you!
Darns asked:
I really, really like your fabrics and, of course, the red kitty!
Di4N4 answered:
Thank you,
Cassie_baby asked:
Love the cats in the corner.
Di4N4 answered:
Thank you, Cassie -- the kitties have become an important part of this quilt project, Lol! I'm glad you like them!
jfriel asked:
Another great block!!
Di4N4 answered:
Thank you! I can't believe we only have two more blocks to go! I think I am going to miss this class a lot!
Ladybev asked:
I almost bought that Curved Master foot for that same need - not wanting to PIN. By mistake, & listening to the Curve Master video directions, I thought, "Why can't I use my 1/4" foot? Then, I even saw a video demonstrating the 1/4" foot. I was SOLD! I didn't want to wait or spend $29 for the CM foot. It just takes a little practice-sssssssssssoooooooo worth it. I'm sure Amy was showing us the traditional way for a reason. ;-). Your blocks ROCK!
Di4N4 answered:
Thanks, LadyBev! I think Amy showed us the traditional way because it gives a better understanding of the process. The "no pin" technique has a bit of a learning curve (lol pun!!) but with practice and patience it was better for me. I know for sure that I would not have been successful trying it if I hadn't already learned the importance of the quarter-inch seam. I have become much more detailed and precise since the beginning of this BOM class. It has been a fantastic experience for me! :)

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