Cathedral Window Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am proud I finally got it finished to the final size.

What you will need

  • All Scrap materials with purchased backing.

Q&A with Emily Braswell

hahm2000223207 asked:
Emily Braswell answered:
thanks for your comment.
Gracie Gwen asked:
Did you use the all hand stitched method? I've done a few panels that I then added onto bags in the hand sewn manner but this size is FABULOUS!
Emily Braswell answered:
I sewed the backing pieces by machine and then added the windows with all hand stitches. I would make panels of 4 or 6 of the backing and then do the windows.
jcelander104506 asked:
very nice. what kind of material did you use for the backing? I want to make one of these but not sure what kind of material. most sites i checked say to use muslin, wondering if you can use anything else than that
Emily Braswell answered:
I used a thick muslin, not the cheaper flimsy fabric. The windows are regular cotton fabric. You probably could use a regular cotton for the backing as well.
frogg_lady3 asked:
wonderfully done! just started one myself hope it is as pretty as yours when done
Emily Braswell answered:
I'm sure yours will be beautiful. Easy quilt to make.