Carole D's Machine Quilting

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I learned a lot and broadened my machine quilting experience. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Practice, practice, practice!

What you will need

  • Two linen napkins belonging to my grandmother
  • Stonehenge quilting cotton for border and binding
  • various threads

Q&A with quilter3681

bkthomas56 asked:
This is so beautiful!!! I have purchased the same course and so far have only watched it. I finally ordered a set of quilting feet for my machine and they just arrived 2 days ago - so this is a real inspiration for me to get started. Thanks for sharing!!!
quilter3681 answered:
Can't wait to see what you come up with after you get started! Be sure to post pictures.
TWurpel asked:
I too have purchased this course and have only watched it. Do not want to start until I can spend some time in practice. Thanks for the inspiring me.
quilter3681 answered:
Don't wait. Go ahead and start. Just ten or fifteen minutes here and there add up quickly.
Gabisew asked:
Beautiful, this is the next part of quilting that I need to master. I do well with small pieces, but get frustrated with the larger pieces. I always just go back to hand quilting. Would love to take this class, but am limited on funds. I'm doing the free block of the month.
quilter3681 answered:
I could never get into hand quilting. I like to get things finished. :) I tried, though. This class is on at a good price right now.
Sandra in CA asked:
I love seeing all these projects. I have also purchased the class and yesterday I purchased a lot of variegated thread so I am getting ready to start this (whenever I have the time- hahahaha.)
quilter3681 answered:
Sounds like you're ready to get started. Have fun!
Northwoods Pat asked:
Beautiful! And I love that you used old linen napkins and that this will be a gift for your mother. Just lovely.
quilter3681 answered:
It was an enjoyable project and I hope Mom will be able to appreciate it. She has trouble understanding some things nowadays

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