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BOM March string block

You Can Make This

scourgeotheseas made BOM March string block with:

Craftsy Block of the Month 2012

Online Class

Craftsy Block of the Month 2012

with Amy Gibson

  • Pear Tree by Thomas Knauer
  • Too Muchery by Helen Dardik
  • Painters Canvas by Laura Gunn

Q&A with scourgeotheseas

LinRupp asked:
I like the way the light brown squares off. It really sets it apart. Wish mine was so nice.
scourgeotheseas answered:
Thanks so much! I think your color choices are quite fantastic! I was kind of kicking myself for not incorporating more of another color.
LinRupp asked:
Do you find the large print and then samller prints a little difficult to co-ordinate so they look good. It seems to effect my decisions a lot. Some of the fabrics in my stack I like better than others too. The tiger like orange and black don't seem to co-ordinate wtih the others so well. I really don't want to have topurchase more fat quarters but my have to.
scourgeotheseas answered:
I definitely think about it, and when I was putting the strips together I did take into account the scale of the prints. I also decided to scale the size of the strips to whether I liked the fabric - those I felt more "eh" about had littler strips so they wouldn't stand out. I notice your tiger stripes are smaller than some of the others, and I think that was a great decision. They look like cool accents rather than overwhelming the block. As you mention, though, I also picked the colorways for which I had the most fabric, so I'd have more choice!
Babso asked:
I love your fabric choice . .
scourgeotheseas answered:
Thank you! I was so excited by the Pear Tree line of fabrics, then found some great coordinating prints.
nan60 asked:
Very nice-love the colors!
scourgeotheseas answered:

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