BOM for March

What you will need

  • All cotton fabrics

Q&A with KittyBee

Pamillia asked:
I really like your blocks. Very well done and very happy. Thanks for sharing.
KittyBee answered:
Thank you so much, I'm loving these colors....
Surfside6 asked:
My husband was stationed in Oregon a bazillion years ago (before I knew him). Always wanted to go back - beautiful area.
KittyBee answered:
I live on the coast, where was he stationed?
Surfside6 asked:
KittyBee ...- Hubby stationed in North Bend. Air Force. Understand it is now a prison?? He went on a car trip with our Navy daughter in No. California to visit Oregon, but road got washed out in sudden storm and they had to cancel. Small world. I would have replied to you sooner but I just happened to notice your question below today and I had trouble trying to reply in the appropriate space> I'll get the hang of it yet.
KittyBee answered:
I live in North Bend and not sure where he would have been stationed here in the Air Force, we have Coast Guard people stationed here.
Surfside6 asked:
The reason I noticed your note today is because I was drooling over your fabric choices......again
KittyBee answered:
Glad you like my fabrics.... they're all ones I had in my stash, just decided to go with all greens and pinks.

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