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Craftsy Block of the Month 2012

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Craftsy Block of the Month 2012

with Amy Gibson

  • Kona cotton in black for the background.. various cottons from my stash and collections

Q&A with mo.sews

shazdove asked:
Great looking blocks. You need to create a design wall and then place them until you feel it looks right, Some of your blocks are more dense in design than others so keeping this in mind try to balance them when placing, good luck
mo.sews answered:
thanks for the suggestions!
AlyxRansom asked:
I'm with you -- now that I have a number of blocks I'm beginning to wonder about arrangement! Isn't it great seeing everyone's blocks in a group picture? Yours look fabulous! How about a balance with alternating darks and lights? I'd love to see that.
mo.sews answered:
I'll do that, and put it up. :D
Surfside6 asked:
mo. looking terrific. Will be fun for you to arrange and rearrange, I'm sure. Beautiful work.
mo.sews answered:
thank you... I think we'll be doing quite a bit of that after the last blocks are done! Have you been to Amy's blog? She has finished her quilt... just shows a corner... but it's got me thinking about finishing mine now! :D
Darns asked:
Your quilt will be so interesting! Funny you should mention arranging the blocks - I was looking at mine & trying to figure out how to balance the busy blocks with the plainer blocks also. I have been putting them all up on my closet door when I do a new month's blocks to see what fabrics I have been neglecting or what I want to use with the existing blocks. We will have fun rearranging & rearranging & rearranging - -
mo.sews answered:
I just don't want to be looking at my finished quilt thinking, oh.. I should have put that block where this one is... haha
NanaJeanFL asked:
Wow Mo! Its great to see all your blocks thus far. You are making one fabulous quilt!
mo.sews answered:
Thanks Jean! Makes me wonder what the next 8 will be like!

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