Boat Quilt

Project Description

What was your inspiration? Needed something nautical for this baby boy

Q&A with sewbug57

K Lee 2Strings asked:
Very cute little boats! Great colors, and I love the clouds above and the little fish in the sea. The FMQ waves give it a great sense of motion. :)
sewbug57 answered:
thank you !! I had a lot of fun making this quilt ...not sure what FMQ means :)
jfriel asked:
Very cute. Love the little fish at the bottom. A little boy will love this one.
sewbug57 answered:
thank you !! He was born prematurely in August so he is VERY special to all of us. He wasn't due until November. He's doing great and growing every day.
Hemmed In asked:
This is just too cute. Is there a pattern?
sewbug57 answered:
I went online and found a photo of one similar to mine. I Googled something like 'sailboat baby quilt' and while I was scrolling I happened upon it. Then I drew the boats and fish, tried to copy what they did. Wish I could remember the name of the website.

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