Block of the Month - June

You Can Make This

Di4N4 made Block of the Month - June with:

Craftsy Block of the Month 2012

Online Class

Craftsy Block of the Month 2012

with Amy Gibson

  • 100% cotton fabrics in red
  • white and black

Q&A with Di4N4

BonEh-Z asked:
Love the print looks awesome
Di4N4 answered:
Thank you! I'm having fun and learning a lot!
Darns asked:
Fabulous fabrics! Great job!
Di4N4 answered:
Thank you, Darns! I'm glad you like it! Your blocks are wonderful! I just had a look!
jillp asked:
This quilt is going to be striking!
Di4N4 answered:
Thank you, Jillp!
NanaJeanFL asked:
And HELLOOOO Kitties! Love the way you'r quilt is comingi together. Both of these blocks are great!
Di4N4 answered:
Thank you for the compliment, and for the ongoing encouragement, Jean! I am inspired by your beautiful blocks, also!
Ipanema asked:
I love your Black, White and Red theme (and the kitties). Your blocks are beautifully done. They look professional to me. I signed up for and have been following the BOM Class; however, I've yet to make a block. I am so encouraged to see your color scheme because I had that in mind, no more than 3 coordinated colors and making all the blocks with those colors. I have never quilted but, as I said, your beautiful work is so inspiring to me. Now I just need to decide my color scheme and get busy. Good thing the Craftsy classes are forever accessible.
Di4N4 answered:
Ipanema-- Just take a deep breath and start sewing!! I have to tell you that when I signed up for this free class I didn't have any expectations... didn't know if I woud continue... but I decided just to jump right in and make the first blocks, then the second month, and by then i was hooked. I have wanted to learn more about quilting, and this is just so easy and low-stress! I think I was intimidated to sign up for a class at my local quilt shop, but now I have more confidence... I have learned a lot by looking at the blocks made by the other BOM participants, and very glad that the videos are available ANY time

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