Block of the Month 2012 Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I cannot believe how much knowledge I have gained! Up until now, all I did was meandering/stippling on my quilts last year. But it was getting old, and I desperately wanted to get better at doing new quilting designs. Well, who would have 'thunk' that' in under two years, I have gone from someone who knew NOTHING about quilting, to an accomplished intermediate (pushing mastering) quilter???!!! Yup, TOTALLY addicted now! Quilting is my Prozac! I don't need to take a pill (I never have, anyway); I have my quilting habit!!! :-) What advice would you give someone starting this project? I took my first free-motion quilting course in October 2011-Paula Reid's "Stuff and Fluff" two-day workshop. It put a bee in my bonnet. I determined to make a quilt for each of my grandchildren, but I only felt comfortable doing meandering/stippling throughout the entire quilts. I longed for the day when I would be comfortable-even good at-feathers, and pebbles, and many other elaborate quilting designs. Leah's course has helped me to become not just comfortable doing these designs, but downright competent! So, what I would like to share is, know that when you start new designs, they WON'T look beautiful! In fact, they might even look ugly! Mine did! But Leah has a calming influence over her students, and never stresses over imperfection, and it rubs off. In no time at all, my designs were piqued out and looking darn near as perfect as hers! EVEN my traveling back over previously stitched areas were staying on the previously stitched lines! WOW!!! Her training technique is GOLDEN!!!

What you will need

  • Cotton fabrics
  • Warm and Natural Batting
  • Isacord polyester thread (for quilting)

Q&A with Linnee

Pam NZ asked:
Congrats Linnee, what a beauty your quilt is and OMG look your at FMQ! Look at you go girl! Well done!
Linnee answered:
LOL! Thank you, Pam! I can't believe how much I have learned about piecing and quilting in just over a year! I LOVE Craftsy! I am truly addicted! Who needs Prozac, when we have quilting??? Seriously, I don't remember the last time I got depressed! Okay, for a few days after putting our kitty to sleep on March 25th, but that's normal. And then, I just attacked my quilting! Well, it was a bit rough when the cat didn't jump up on my chair as I was quilting...and leaving a ton of hair behind...

Skill Level