Block 9

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Fitting the feathers fairly evenly. Love the way this block turned out.

Q&A with Polarjo

Cellomom asked:
I love your block and quilting! Very pretty :)
Polarjo answered:
Thank you.
Sue P. asked:
Beautiful colors and wonderful quilting! Would love to see the whole thing!
Polarjo answered:
Thanks. I posted it to the BOM projects page, but guess I should do it here too.
Jernmegmom asked:
Wow! I'm really impressed. I haven't even worked up the the courage to try. . .I'm so intimidated
Polarjo answered:
I was incredibly intimidated by the idea of doing free motion quilting when I first started, but I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my abilities improved. I gained confidence daily with just a little bit of practice each day. Make some quilt sandwiches from muslin or other inexpensive fabric and just start stitching. As Leah shows in her lessons, start with just the U shapes in several rows and by the time you are on your second row, you will probably already notice improvement. Go for it. It is really fun!

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