Block 13

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I don't know really - I was pleased with the way this turned out, and fairly pleased with my FMQ, for a change. As the back is quite plain fabric it shows up the FMQ very well, so it's just as well it's a bit better than most of my efforts! When I posted a picture of the unquilted block, someone remarked that my two flowers looked like a couple of Triffids, which amused me greatly! Since then, this has been my Triffid block! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Give your imagination wings!

What you will need

  • Cotton fabric and thread for piecing
  • polyester wadding and thread for quilting.

Q&A with patz in suffolk

Polarjo asked:
All you blocks are looking great, but this one in particular is adorable. I just love the way the FMQ enhanced the flowers.
patz in suffolk answered:
Thank you! The photograph rather exaggerates the quilting because I took it in bright sunshine (yes we get some sometimes, here in East Anglia!) and it has rather over-emphasised the quilting.
Darns asked:
I love your Triffids!! Great texture!
patz in suffolk answered:
Thank you - my block looks quite crunchy in those photos, but it isn't!
K Lee 2Strings asked:
Oh, nice! I really do like the spirals on your Triffids! And thanks for the vocabulary lesson. I've learned a new word from you today as I had to look up the word, "Triffid". Too funny!! :D
patz in suffolk answered:
The Triffids actually had three feet (or legs, it's years since I read the book, so I'm not sure), so if I'd known earlier, I'd have given them three legs eeach!
Morag2504 asked:
Very nice!
patz in suffolk answered:
Thank you, Morag!
Caraline2 asked:
cute, your imagination is running wild, looking great
patz in suffolk answered:
Thanks, Caraline!

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