Baby Quilt

What you will need

  • Kaffey Fasset charm pack
  • other cotton materials
  • batting
  • thread
  • sewing machine with a walking foot

Q&A with Tana Doss

Ladycamper asked:
Very pretty !
Tana Doss answered:
Ann Petersen asked:
Congratulations on #3! This is a wonderful baby quilt!
Tana Doss answered:
Thanks! Took your class because my mother in law made all the Grands, Great Grands and her 3 children quilts for Christmas. A Great grand din
Rochellemoore asked:
Love it. What a great original way to make a baby quilt without dating it with childish fabrics. Does the pattern have a name?
Tana Doss answered:
X's and O's is the pattern.

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