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What are you most proud of? That I finished. I seriously wanted to quit in the middle of the double star (several times). My seams wouldn't line up, nothing seemed straight, and the block was slightly wonky at the end. I squared it off as best as I could but some sides are not really 12.5 inches. I use very scant 1/4" seams so I think it was just the wonkiness of the whole thing...I might redo later if I feel like tackling it again!

Q&A with martij30

K Lee 2Strings asked:
Love the golds & your beautiful fruit & floral prints
martij30 answered:
OHQLTR asked:
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CL Tree asked:
Both of these blocks are a bit more challenging, so kudos for finishing them! Your colors are beautiful and your blocks are almost there. Sewing scant 1/4" seams and connecting blocks with points is problematic and very tricky. To get sharp points you need to sew right in the sweet spot of the X near the points - but when you sew a scant 1/4 seam you almost need to force that to happen - verses it happening by itself - and that distorts the block. Even after making lots of blocks with points and it's still challenging. A suggestion is to press the construction pieces as little as possible while building the block. Try using an old towel with some grab on your ironing surface - it helps so you can set the seam, gently finger press open and do a quick single press to top without stretching bias seams. When you check to see if you've captured a point - if you don't see a 1/4" to connect your next piece to ... cut a new small block unit and try again. And when you get frustrated when sewing a block with lots of bias pieces ... step away and do something fun. At some point you might enjoy Kaye England's Civil War class. She has alot of great tips for connecting blocks with more precision and less struggle. So keep up the good work - your quilts are going to be beautiful.
martij30 answered:
Thanks for all the tips :)
Pamillia asked:
WOW! Beautiful. Your colors & fabrics are perfection. I haven't started mine yet, thanks for the heads up. But, in spite of it all, your blocks are Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
martij30 answered:
Thank you!

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