August BOM Double Star

Project Description

What are you most proud of? When I was doing this block, I realized how far I have progressed since the start of this series.... there were points to match up, and I didn't freak out, I just did my best, and it turned out pretty good. I'm actually enjoying the challenge and precision required. Thank You, Amy for your encouragement! You are a wonderful teacher for us newbies! What advice would you give someone starting this project? I'm not sure if I have advice, but I will say what I struggled with... My seams, if you look at the back of the block, go every-which-way! Some I pressed open, and some to the sides... there are lumps, but I'm chosong not to worry too much about that. I've never actually quilted anything, yet, so I'm not sure what challenge the lumps will present. Oh well, I am here to learn, and this will be my "test" quilt. Next time I will have a better understanding of what is "too lumpy" and what isn't. For some reason, my finished block came out to be almost 13" sq. I tried too hard to keep a very scant seam! Just can't winn! Haha! I suppose I will lose some of my pretty points when I trim it. I am saving most of the trimming of my blocks til the end, just thinking I might be able to somehow work it out by pairing it up with a block that is a tad shy of 12.5... My outer fabric has a striped effect... I decided to cut the outside corner squares on the bias because it didn't look right to me having stripes go any other direction. The fabric has a lot of movement, so it is not very noticible, but without the bias cut it didn't have the same effect. This was something I hadn't anticipated. If you are considering using a stripe, keep that in mind. Most of all, enjoy this one! it is a beautiful block, and really fun to see it all go together!

What you will need

  • Cotton fabrics - in Red
  • White and Black

Q&A with Di4N4

MirkaMas asked:
Wow, love it! You are right with the movement of the outer fabric! It looks awesome!!!
Di4N4 answered:
Thank you! This project has been full of surprises for me! I want to play with stripes and swirls some more... I like the unexpected effect!
Surfside6 asked:
Hi - your block is great, as always. If this is your test quilt, feel free to ship it to my house at the end. I just love the fabrics....and you have picked the right ones every time for each block. You must have "the eye"........Looking terrific!
Di4N4 answered:
Thanks, Surfside! :) B,W, & Red have been fun for me to work with! I have quite a stash accumulated, now...
chrisiscrafty asked:
I love the way you have used the fabric in this block. It looks great - well done. Would make a very impressive Christmas candle mat.
Di4N4 answered:
I haven't heard of a Christmas candle mat..? But I imagine it is similar to a place mat... this WOULD be a beautiful block to do in Christmas colors! Thanks for the compliment!
NanaJeanFL asked:
Great job! Your placement is fabulous in this block! I'm really struggling this month with the B/W/R. I've already done this block but couldn't manage to get the white in anywhere but the outside. Like yours better!
Di4N4 answered:
Thanks, Jean! Your blocks turned out beautifully! I'm always eager to see what you do... you and I are using so many of the same fabrics - our pieces are very compatible! You are good inspiration for me! Yes, this one was tricky, on many levels! I laid all my other blocks out to see what fabrics/colors I need for balance. You had recommended doing this, and it was a good guide for me.
jfriel asked:
Love love this block! Great choice of fabric. Just beautiful
Di4N4 answered:
Thank you!

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