August Block

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What are you most proud of? The handle worked.

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Q&A with Ladymax

a1angiem asked:
Great job, fellow Canadian! You did awesome getting the handle down and having extra on the sides!
Ladymax answered:
Nice to meet another of us. Thanks for your comment. I have got to the point with most of my quilting to make pieces larger than needed so that I have room to square up.
Davesmom asked:
Hi Ladymax, Your quilt is coming along nicely. The basket is so cute. Did you use bias material for it? It does look great!!
Ladymax answered:
Many thanks. I did the handle the way that Laura showed. I cut the strips a bit wider for this one, my first try didn't work as well.
Davesmom asked:
That is good to know. Somethings are more fussy than others.
Ladymax answered:
How are you doing on your blocks.

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