Asterisk Jean Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I knew it was going to be really cute but it turned out to be more beautiful then what I had imagined. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Don't forget to cut the block the right way, I made a mistake while cutting this out and my lines are not matching up the way the should... oops Cut in half _ then the other half_ last cut X

What you will need

  • Old Jeans repurposed for quilt top
  • Cotton Flannel for the bottom and quilt batting. Hand tied with yarn.

Q&A with AngieSue

mominabook asked:
Really striking. I know a couple of little boys who would absolutely LOVE this!
AngieSue answered:
Thank you, this was a really fun quilt top. I made this for my 10 year old daughter, she really loves it.
cj.poulin asked:
Absolutely gorgeous. Your color scheme is awesome! I too am making a quilt with the asterick block and I will post pics when I am done. Good job, I got several ideas on other quilts just because you posted your quilt. Thank you, Carmen
AngieSue answered:
Thanks Carmen, I can't take all the credit on this one... I did see something similar to this on pinterest and thought it would make a wonderful jean quilt. Ideas come from many inspiring places. I cant wait to see your quilts!
Gehn asked:
Hahaha! This is fantastic. Way to take and idea and run with it!
AngieSue answered:
Thanks Gehn
linda.lee asked:
Hi, I need to make this! So it works better to in half and in half than do the diagonal cuts like the instructions say for the block on craftsy? What size is the quilt? What did you do for the boarder? Great job, thanks so much, Linda
AngieSue answered:
Hi Linda, I made the cuts in half first because the leg of the jeans were not wide enoufgh to make a full block. I used two halves and sewed them togehter with the strip to start my block. I think I did a 12" block or two 6" strips x 12" long. The size of my finished quilt is around a full size. I never measure theses things for my kids I just keep adding boarders until I get the size I want. For the boarder I stripped together all my leftover peices horzantaly with frayed edges overlapping sewn with a zigzag stitch. I used fusable interfacing to stick all my strips together before I sewed them down, this helped keep things togehter and in the right place. Hope this helps, this was pretty easy project to put together. Have fun!

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