asterisk block

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? If you are going to make your strips smaller, start out with a larger than 12" square.

Q&A with bkthomas56

judwan asked:
I like the smaller strips. Now to figure out what size to get the 12.5 inch block!!!!
bkthomas56 answered:
Well,I started with 12" - let's see, I would cut the next one at least13" or 13 1/2" maybe even14" - yuo can always cut it down to 12 1/2" when you square it up!
judwan asked:
I am going to use turquise,yellow,beige and a print that has all these colors in it. I am doing it for my grandson who is 21. I am hoping this will be a more masculine type of quilt.
bkthomas56 answered:
Oh I LOVE turquoise and yellow is my favorite color! I would love to see a picture when you're done. This is going to be so much fun, but I need to go get some more solid black fabric!!!
ndlz1 asked:
I really do like this block, especially w/ the thinner strips!
bkthomas56 answered:
Thanks for the compliment! Now I just need to get the other one done and Februarys' blocks and post them! My new fabrics are in the wash as we speak - keep watching!! he he
PennyMeller asked:
Love your block. The black and yellow look great together. Will you do the rest of the blocks in those color combinations?
bkthomas56 answered:
Yes - black/white/yellow

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