Art Quilt Potholder

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Judith Trager made Art Quilt Potholder with:

Art Quilt Backgrounds

Online Class

Art Quilt Backgrounds

with Judith Trager

  • 8" Wonky art quilt background practice squares from the Art Quilt Backgrounds course. 3-8" squares of cotton batting
  • 1-8" backing square for potholder
  • binding.

Q&A with Judith Trager

DonaleeK asked:
You have such a distinctive style... I love it!
Judith Trager answered:
Thanks!!! Just keep quilting!
My Muse asked:
These are absolutely beautiful! The colors have brightened a rather dreary day. I'll have to sign up for your class as soon as I finish the ones I'm watching now. Hey, we're neighbors, I'm out in Platteville.
Judith Trager answered:
Sign up now while the sale is still on! We'd love to have you on board!
H. Griffin asked:
These are so pretty! I can't wait to try making my practice squares!
Judith Trager answered:
Great way to make some nice Christmas gifts, too! You can adapt those practice square to lots of things--think placemats and glasses cases, small purses. . . .well, I could go on and on!
Ladymax asked:
These are great and a way to use up scraps. Did they make a dent in the scrap pile.
Judith Trager answered:
Well--not really. I actually make these and sell them to places like museum gift shops (The Visions Quilt Museum Shop has them all the time!) so I actually buy fabric for them. They are my "design practice" where I can work out colors and placement. Glad you like them!
DonaleeK asked:
I've been using your technique and making a bunch of these for Christmas gifts for my friends..... hope they like them as much as I do!
Judith Trager answered:
I am sure they will. Happy Christmas! And get that art quilt done! Judith

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