April BOM

Project Description

What was your inspiration? I guess I would have to say my inspiration came from my sister. Last year at the very last moment I decided to do a "MEMORY QUILT" for my son for a Christmas present. It was totally made from old T-shirts of his that I had saved from his junior high and high school years. It was pretty much thrown together in a last minutes notice but well worth the effort. Kepted having to hide it from him and he would have to announce that he was on his way home so I could stash it until he left again. The look on his face Christmas day was priceless and I will remember it forever. And then to have his friends come over and make their comments about I remember that shirt made me feel even better. So my sister got into this block of the month and suggested I make one for my daughter that will be moving out in 2 weeks into her own place and this project is being made from fabrics she has purchased over the years "PLANNING ON DOING something with them but never had the time between work and school. So here's hoping I get the same results.

What you will need

  • Background fabric is actually an old bed sheet and the orange is from an old pillow case. The rest is just fabric scraps I had laying around the house. I decided to add the silk flowers at the end and sewed them on with snaps so they can be removed prior to washing
  • since the flower I put in with laundry this morning didn't survive "may it RIP". :( Atleast it was for a good cause.

Q&A with ytsyM

Darns asked:
Love the flowers & this is a really happy block
ytsyM answered:
thank you not bad for my first try
MarshaClark asked:
Oh that turned out cute
ytsyM answered:
yep just need to find the medium sized snaps instead of the small ones, pain in you know what to sew on

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