Amy Gibson's BOM

Q&A with AlyxRansom

JanJo asked:
Nice touch the way you have the moose moving across the bottom strip with the geese flying overhead. Great paying attention to detail!
AlyxRansom answered:
Thanks! I wasn't sure it was actually going to work... but I really like it!
tova dian dean asked:
Really great attention to detail. Just wonderful:)
AlyxRansom answered:
Thanks! I had this great print fabric and just HAD to make it work! (Did you notice I cheated on the dimensions a bit?)
methowdonna asked:
What a great fabric combination! I love it!!!
AlyxRansom answered:
Thanks! The fabric was originally destined to be an applique jacket (which was not getting made) so I decided to try my very first quilt!
DebABP asked:
Love this block!! The colors and pattern are beautiful!
AlyxRansom answered:
karakoolkitty asked:
This one is amazing with the animal and bird orientation in the strips. You really have a good eye for this!
AlyxRansom answered:
Thanks! This was my second-ever quilt block!

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