22 years in the making!

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That I finished it! Don't look too closely as I literally made every mistake possible when I made this. But I love it because it's a nice reminder of my past and my days as a new mom. What advice would you give someone starting this project? I literally just made this up as I went along. Be patient with yourself and don't give up just because something's not perfect. Even IMperfect quilts are beautiful!

What you will need

  • Cotton scraps.

Q&A with Marie Flannery

gfcupcake asked:
We all have ghosts in the closet. lol It looks like someone is enjoying the quilt.
Marie Flannery answered:
Yep, that's Jackson ... he does enjoy a good quilt! LOL
Karen Louise asked:
Love your story. I recently inherited some quilt tops I need to finish, however, I don't have any quilts unfinished that have been hanging around that long; however, I do have a gold sweater I started (only have part of one sleeve and finish work to complete) that has been hiding out in one closet or another for 35 years. It probably won't fit me anymore and I think I may have used up too much of the yarn making doll hair. Cute quilt and nice looking dog.
Marie Flannery answered:
Betsy0 asked:
I suppose we all have at least one quilt filled with memories. My first was a Grandmother's Flower Garden started when I was 16 and quilted some 16 years later. I think quilts are meant to be played with, snuggled under, and enjoyed by friends and family. That includes our pets.
Marie Flannery answered:
When my mom saw this picture, she couldn't believe I would let Jackson on the bed. It never occurred to me NOT to let him lay on the quilt. I try to make my quilts sturdy enough to withstand pretty much anything, including pets! :-)
Fran Mailhiot asked:
I was living in a remote area and in order to keep from going completely bonkers I decided to learn how to quilt. No sewing machine, a little fabric, a few attempts at small hand sewn blocks and then my first 12 in. block of Clay's Choice. Put everything away, moved five times, worked, went back to school and got a couple of degrees. Retired, found my old blocks (2 12 inchers by now) and finally finished my first quilt approximately 25 years after my first stitch in 2008. All hand made as my templates were not quite accurate and everything had to be "eased and teased" into some sense of accuracy. All hand quilted, approximately 60" x75". Now, thanks to sewing machine and all the new gadgets I am finishing my eighth twin size quilt. I guess I am hooked!
Marie Flannery answered:
That is awesome ... I'd have to say I'm hooked now, too. Some days I wish I didn't have to go to work and could just stay home and quilt. :-)