Created by: Erika from the AK

#DIYBaby Shelby's Baby Quilt

You Can Make This

Erika from the AK made #DIYBaby Shelby's Baby Quilt with:

  • Scrappy Hearts

Q&A with Erika from the AK

Erika from the AK asked:
Not really a pattern. I used the VERY simple software that can be found at JoAnns, an EQ program. Sorry :(
Erika from the AK answered:
I found the package. It's called "Quilt Design Wizard", it's in a flat cardboard packaging and was hanging by all the photo printing fabric, rulers & stuff. I remember it being about $30, and not on sale so you could use a coupon :) I've had it for a while though, a few years, but I'm pretty sure it's something they still offer.
rschroeger asked:
Are the hearts appliqued on or stitched into the backgound fabric?
Erika from the AK answered:
It's a pieced heart. No applique except for the letters.
castle.ca1001009 asked:
Can you give a little more detail? Are the hearts stuck on? I would love to make this for my Granddaughter.
Erika from the AK answered:
Nope, it's a pieced heart, the letters are appliqued on

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