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Tip Tuesday: 8 Genius Ideas From the Midnight Quilt Show

Between sips of wine and seriously impressive projects, Angela Walters (the host of The Midnight Quilt Show) shares countless tidbits of quilting expertise. Today, we’re sharing just a few of those gems.

Tip #1: Take the Lead

When sewing half-square triangles, it’s easy for the little points to get stuck near the plate of your sewing machine. Thwart this by first sewing a little piece of fabric (called a “leader”) under the plate to prepare the threads and prevent jamming.

Tip #2: It’s a Snap

Make quick — and strangely satisfying — work of separating your chain piecing segments with The Cutting Gizmo (or as Angela calls it, the Half-Square Triangle Guillotine).

Tip #3: Smack Dab in the Middle

When quilting a large quilt on a sewing machine, Angela advises to start in the center. It’s mostly psychological, but it’s helpful to know it’ll never be heavier or harder to do than at the beginning, because as you work your way out, it gets easier and easier when you have less bulk to deal with.

Tip #4: Seeing Yellow

When quilting all-over design on a whole quilt, Angela’s go-to thread color is a surprising choice: pale yellow. This color keeps it from standing out on the white, while also keeping it from being too bright on the darker colors.

Tip #5: A Light Touch

Be extra careful when pressing sewn blocks. If you press too hard, you risk stretching the block out.

Tip #6: No-Sew Applique

Make appliqué work way faster with lightweight fusible interfacing. Attach the interfacing to your fabric before cutting the appliqué pieces; then, you can just adhere them without any sewing.

Tip #7: Quick Cuts

Forget fussy measuring! Using a template ruler makes cutting uncommon shapes so much faster.

Tip #8: Mistakes Be Gone!

Got bulky seams or mismatched points? No problem. Angela uses a meandering loop design for quilting to cover up those mistakes.

Let’s Binge Watch!

Check out every episode of the Midnight Quilt Show on YouTube. Just don’t stay up too late.

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Thank you for great tips. So useful for quilters of any level!!!


Any tips for machine quilting with a smaller machine? My machine has a free motion quilting foot, but the throat is very narrow. I don’t like quilt-as-you-go, and have in turn been doing the quilting by hand. If you have tips for free motion quilting on a machine with a smaller throat that’d be great.


Roll your quilt on both sides. Be sure to support it behind the machine and to the side. Think of how you could use your ironing board to help. Then quilt from the middle to the side rolled under your machine’s arm. I’ve done king size quilts on a standard machine. While it’s not the easiest, it is possible. Just try to keep the weight distributed and adjust it often. And get yourself some grip gloves. JoAnn’s has them in the quilting notions by Fons and Porter. Leah Day sells some online. Have fun.


Watch Leah Day and Angela Walters–they scrunch their quilts. They don’t roll them. This is what I do.


Check out Marti Michelle’s Quilting In Sections. I’ve tried her methods and they really help.


I love this show, thanks for giving us all those fun moments. For tip #1 I have a stack of 1 1/2″ squares next to my sewing machine and I saw 2 together as a “starter/lead”, then I make 4-patches. After a while I have enough to make a quilt.


Thank you for the tip to use a meandering pattern to cover up piecing mistakes. I will definitely be using it!


Another great tip is chain piecing! What a lifesaver that is!! Thanks for the great tips 🙂


Just love Angela’s classes and the Midnight Quilter. Please keep making them. I now look forward to Wednesdays!

Helen LeBrett

thanks for the tips, and I LOVE THE SHOW!!! Angela is so fun to watch!! 🙂

Mariette Forget

Hi and thanks for,the tips! I also,love the show! Have a great day! ??


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