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Quick & Easy Friendship Star Quilt Blocks

The Friendship Star quilt block is a classic quilt block, but that doesn’t make it boring! When made with fun, fresh fabric and combined with other blocks, this popular block can really make a statement.

friendship star quilt block tutorial

Follow along to learn how to make a 6″ finished friendship star quilt block. It’s a great beginner-friendly quilt block since it’s made up of squares and half-square triangles

How to make a friendship star quilt block step by step


For this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make the block with a solid background and a printed fabric for the star. Of course, you can easily swap the solids and the prints. I’m using Boundless Flower Shoppe for this tutorial.

materials for sewing a friendship star block
  • Four 2½” solid background squares
  • Two 2-7/8″ solid background squares for the HSTs
  • Two 2-7/8″ print squares for the HSTs
  • One 2½” print square for the center
  • Rotary cutter
  • Cutting mat
  • Quilt ruler

Start by making half-square triangles

friendship star quilt block tutorial

Make two sets of half-square triangles using the 2-7/8″ solid and printed squares. 

  1. Place one solid colored square and one printed fabric square right sides together. 
  2. Mark a line on the diagonal. 
  3. Sew ¼” on both sides of the marked line.
  4. Cut on the marked line using a rotary cutter.
  5. Press units open, with the seams toward the printed fabric
  6. Trim to 2½” square.

Then, assemble the block

arrangement for friendship star quilt block

Assemble the friendship star quilt block in rows as shown above. Be sure to arrange the half-square triangles in the right orientation to achieve the star look.. 

friendship star quilt block sewn and unsewn

Once sewn, the friendship square quilt block should measure 6½”. 

two finished friendship star quitl blocks

More ideas for friendship star quilt blocks

Now that you know how to make this simple friendship star quilt block, try different variations of the block. 

Play around with your fabrics. Make the friendship square blocks with alternating lights and darks. Swap out the middle square for another contrasting color. 

  • Swap out the squares for contrasting fabrics.  
  • Add a bold color to the center of the block.
  • Make the friendship star blocks inside out.
friendship star quilt block variations

Re-size the quilt block

The friendship square quilt block is simple nine-patch, which makes it easy to size up or down. The only math required is for the half-square triangles.

Below are some common quilt block sizes and the requirements for the friendship star quilt block.

6″ finished block

  • 2½” squares
  • 2-7/8″ squares for the HSTs

9″ finished block

  • 3½” squares
  • 3-7/8″ squares for the HSTs

12″ finished block

  • 4½” squares
  • 4-7/8″ squares for the HSTs

15″ finished block

  • 5½” squares
  • 5-7/8″ squares for half-square triangles
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Liked this Friendship Star lesson because it was easy and something for a beginner. In addition, it looks nice and the directions are also given for different size blocks. Thank you. Great lesson.


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