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5 Fast Quilts to Make in a Weekend

It’s the middle of the week, and you’ve got a deadline coming up — a quilting deadline! What can you do when you’ve already promised to make a quilt for a special occasion, and that date is approaching all too quickly?

Savvy quilters can whip up fast quilts with time-saving methods like using pre-cuts, designing with large blocks, and incorporating negative space. By saving time with your quilt top, you’ll speed up the process and prove that it’s possible to make a quilted gift in a weekend.

Beige Quilt with Patterned Squares

The FREE Simple Charm Quilt pattern designed by Yahaira Ferreira is one of those fast quilts you can whip up in a weekend. If you have a few pre-cut charm squares, this beginner-friendly pattern comes together in no time at all. Using negative space in quilts to border each of the printed squares and the long stripe is a modern quilting technique, which also makes it very fast to piece. The quilt pattern comes with a free PDF download and it just may become your new go-to design for fast quilts!

Get the FREE Simple Charm Quilt pattern here.

Baby Quilt

The Simple Stripes Quilt by Amy of Diary of a Quilter is a fast quilt pattern to whip up in a weekend. This pattern is easy to adapt to a larger-size quilt, or you can stick with the super-fast baby quilt made with 16 blocks. This pattern uses the stack and whack method of cutting, which means you can save time by slicing through many layers of fabric at once to create equal-size fabric strips. Just make sure you are using a sharp rotary cutter blade to make this quilt even faster to cut.

Quilt with Chain Piece Design Against Woods Background

Using a fast quilting technique like chain piecing can help you save time when putting together a beautiful quilt like this Lap of Luxe pattern from Quilt Dad for Art Gallery Fabrics. The free PDF pattern for this quilt will help guide you through cutting directions and piecing instructions for these simple blocks, which go together quickly. This quick quilt is great for showcasing large prints.

Colorful Star Quilt Against Brick Background

How can you put together a beautiful quilt that really maximizes your fabric? The Giant Vintage Star Quilt by Jeni Baker is one of those fast quilts that you just have to love, because it takes advantage of supersize blocks (17.5” square). Just make 16 blocks of coordinating fat quarters and you’ll have a nice lap quilt that you can easily put together in a weekend.

Smiling Woman Showing off Two Quilts on Hammock

What happens when your daughter goes to college and requests a handmade quilt and also a matching quilt for her roommate?

Craftsy member Wholey solved this problem by using pre-cuts and a simple quilt pattern with uniform blocks. She made these matching Roommate Quilts with pre-cut 10” squares.


Lorenia Fish

I love your weekend quilts. My weekend quilts usually end up being a year quilt so it is nice to see some different types. Thank You.

Becky Frankum

I love Simple Stipes Quilt. I can’t wait to try it. I love simple patterns. I think they are interesting.

Marlene Yonko

I am just a beginner. I have made an baby quilt you show but my next project is just as simple. It is a king size though so I have to adjust the pattern. It doesn’t seem hard but I am afraid to start on my own. It looks like a week-end quilt. I am so anxious to get started because I want to make so many for my grandchildren and my children as well. My grandmother who was Russian made us all quilts. I want to do that for my family.

Marlene Yonko

These quilts are beautiful! I want to learn how to do them all. I made the baby quilt that you show for my granddaughter. I had help. It didn’t come out perfect but it was my first one. My next quilt is a king size for my son and daughter-in-law. I saw it in a book. I just have to adjust the pattern but it looks fairly easy. I just have to do this one by hand. My grandmother was Russian and she made everyone of us a quilt and I want to do that for my family, too.
Marlene Yonko

Evelyn Copeland

Need insructions for a king size for my daughter. Been a long time since I did any quilting need help getting started.




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