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Enter to Win a VQ2400 Brother Quilting & Sewing Machine!

Because we put our heart and soul into every stitch, seam and circumstance, we’re constantly on the hunt for tools, notions and even machines that make our work that much more special. That’s why we teamed up with Brother, one of the industry leaders in home sewing, quilting and embroidery machines. In fact, we’re giving away one of their best machines — it’s like a dream.

 The DreamCreator® Innov-ís VQ2400 Brother Sewing Machine

Thanks to Brother, you now have the chance to win one of their exclusive machines!

One lucky quilter will win THE DreamCreator® Innov-ís VQ2400. Producing up to 1,050 stitches per minute, it includes features like a touchscreen LCD display, an 11¼” x 5″ workspace, a pivot function, automatic needle threading system, and more!

 The DreamCreator® Innov-ís VQ2400

While this machine is amazing on its own, it’s even better when working in combination with THE Dream Fabric Frame.

What’s THE Dream Fabric Frame?

If you’re not familiar with it, THE Dream Fabric Frame — “the ultimate quilting accessory” — handles all sizes of quilts, which means you have an expanded workspace for endless creativity.

Brother Dream Fabric Frame

When you pair THE Dream Fabric Frame with a specialized machine from Brother (including the VQ2400) and its simple-to-use automation software, you can create professional-quality quilts with ease.

Beyond that, THE Dream Fabric Frame is just 3′ x 5′ feet and comes equipped with features like a smooth gliding carriage system, fabric management clamps, ratching rails and wheel and easy-grip handles. Plus, you have the option to sit or stand as you create with adjustable leg heights. However you like to quilt, THE Dream Quilt System can help you every stitch of the way.

Enter to win the VQ2400 quilting & sewing machine

If you’re intrigued (and we hope you are!) now’s your chance to win your very own VQ2400 home quilting and sewing machine.

Simply click the button below and sign into your account (or create one; it’s free!). One lucky winner will be selected after September 30, 2017. For makers, we call that a dream come true!

Enter to Win

Note: Click here to view Official Rules. This giveaway is only open to residents of the United States. Prize includes THE DreamCreator® Innov-ís VQ2400, valued at $5,249.95. By entering, you agree to share your email address with our partners at Brother International Corporation.


Dawn Jeffs

What a great competition and a dream prize! But, and there’s always a but, it’s only open to US Craftsy members – EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING!
Why can’t these competitions be open to international members as well? We also buy your Craftsy classes and supplies and believe it or not we can also buy and get delivered brother sewing machines in our own country!
As you can tell I’m frustrated and disappointed with Craftsy.
Based in UK

Jessica-Marie Gervais

The problem is that every country has different rules for give-aways and trying to comply with all the rules would be a nightmare, logistically. Take Canada (where I live) for example: give-aways would be considered a lottery, which is governed by various lotto agencies depending on where in the country you live; this is why, when there is a draw like this up here the sponsor has to say “no purchase necessary, skill-testing question required for winner”. Or that’s how I understand it; I think something may be wrong there. Also, the majority of contests are void in Québec, as they are governed by a completely separate and autonomous agency from the rest of Canada and have to be in French.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a thirty-year-old Singer that is on its last legs; I could use a new machine and would love to have this machine. But, rules as they are…

Eugenia Read

Thanks for voicing your disappointment. You spoke on behalf of all sewists everywhere. I, too, share that feeling. I think that Jessica-Marie’s reply is very polite and informative, therefore, I am disappointed but OK with it.

Annie Bucciarelli

I would give just about anything to win this machine. I have been working with a 20+ year old simple singer which has served me well enough but is forever on the skids and needing minor repairs. My life would be made so much simpler with the beauty being offered and I could do more stitching of quilts as gifts to my local hospital for cancer patients, new borns – however the hospital feels the need. My fingers and toes are crossed :>).


WOW! What a great quilting combination. Thanks Craftsy and thanks Brother. Right now, I and several friends are making Animal Shelter quilts for Texas and this would make the work go even faster.

Debra Lebherz

OMG !!! How awesome is this giveaway. Thank you both for the chance. It could be life changing.. Fingers crossed. Oh man this would be unbelievable..


Not fare we as Canadians spend just as much and some even more than the USA

Carolyn Bizzell

That looks like an amazing machine! What couldn’t I do with that!?!

Janet Jackson

Why is the competition only open to US I would have loved the chance to win this brother machine but I live in UK

Alexandria Hull

I’m sure Brother knows that Canadians buy their products too.


Hi there,
While we would love to open this giveaway to all members, unfortunately some legal restrictions on international giveaways prevent us from doing so. Thanks for understanding!

Dick Douglas

Ok, I can understand there might be some “legal restrictions on international giveaways”. But, why would you choose to penalize residents of non-contiguous states? We have no such “legal restrictions”. Please reconsider who you exclude from your sweepstakes.

Whether or not she wins this particular prize, I suspect my wife might be very much interested in receiving information and such from you folks. But, can it really be so difficult for you folks to understand just how hurtful it is to be excluded just because of where we happen to call home? I also make it a point to do business with sites who welcome us as equals.

You can’t imagine how much it hurts to regularly be treated as some sort of second class citizens.

I enter a lot of sweepstakes. Fortunately, the vast majority of those allow entry from any US state, by any legal resident. Not surprisingly, those site which welcome us also get our business when it is time to make purchases…time and time again.


i am sad:(
why only in the United States. ?
“This giveaway is only open to residents of the United States.”


I’m 74 and I’m new to quilting, but I’m loving it. Now that I’ve made some quilts, it’s hard to afford to get them quilted. To win this machine would be a dream and the fact I can purchase the frame and the software would make me think I’d died and gone to heaven. I currently have an expensive Brother that works great and serves my purpose of piecing the quilt tops. To have something like this would be a dream come true. Thank you for making this opportunity available.


In the Wojo comment . . . I meant to saw “I currently have an INEXPENSIVE Brother that works great and serves my purpose of piecing the quilt tops.” I have a very inexpensive Brother, NOT and expensive model. Sorry

Gloria Wajciechowski

I’m 74 years old and new to quilting. To win this machine would be a dream come true. I find it difficult to keep paying to have my quilt tops quilted and doing it myself by hand is just too painful. I want to leave a lasting legacy for each of my children so they’ll have something I made with so much love just for them. To be able to do it all myself would make the gift of the quilt so much more special. Oh what a gift from heaven this machine would be so I can afford to add the quilt frame and the software. I’m praying that God will answer my prayers. I currently piece my quilts on an Inexpensive Brother machine which serves me well for straight piecing my quilt tops together. Thank you for making this opportunity available. I’m dreaming of a lot of quilting in my future.

Ethel Solinski

I love to sew and this would be an awesome addition to my passion. Thanks for the chance.


I have been using an older Brother. This would be the most amazing thing to win. I love quilting. I would love a machine with a larger work space. Not only does it have that it exceeds it. It would make quilting my Xmas gifts and donation quilts easier.


I would love to have this machine! The large work space would be great!

Carol Burns

What a wonderful machine that would be to win. I love to make quilts but can’t afford to pay to have someone else quilt them. I love to make scrap quilts and have several tops I have made stored in containers but not finished yet. With this machine I could get them finished.

Ariella Fellner

I’m also disappointed that cannot attend to the citizens of the world .
When you offer materials i can’t buy because you don’t send to my country – Israel

Bobbie Parsons

Hugely disappointed that this is only open to USA. Why is this please?
There are so many more of us from around the world, that are loyal customers of Craftsy. We have Brother in New Zealand too, so surely it’s not a matter of shipping.


Proud to be Canadian and I like others question why we can purchase but aren’t allowed to enter give-a-ways! Seems a mite unfair! Love the prize!

Jessica-Marie Gervais

It’s treated like a lotto up here, which is governed by various lottery corporations across Canada. And the contest would be void in Québec. Then there’s the whole “winner must answer a skill-testing” question. It’s weird and a legal nightmare so it’s easier for them to keep ot contained to their home country.

Delores Smith

Oh one (ME) can on hope, to win this! It would be such a HUGE blessing!
7 years ago I lost the sight in my left eye & some things are really difficult, this would help.
Thank you for getting this give away, together!!!!!

Kelly Leonard

Thank you for this generous contest!

J. Botelho

If I won this machine maybe I could get my projects done, my machine has issue with the foot cord, works sometimes and then stops , wait and then It will work again


I would love to win this machine and quilting frane. I have a Baby Lock Decorator’s Choice that’s a real work horse, but I have a young great-niece wanting to learn to sew and would be able to pass along my little machine to her if I won this prize.
With no Home Economic classes in public schools, any time I see a child wanting to learn to sew, I want to help them.

Anna Hutchins

Thanks for a Chance

Janet Larabee

I would love to have this machine!! so much fun, love sewing for my family and friends, I also love to donate to our quilt guild to help where needed.

D A Furr

Great give away. It looks like a really nice set up. I’ll look for it in Houston next month.

Janice Zavitz

It is very sad that Canadians cannot enter some contests..We purchase your expensive brother machines, order from several US sights daily, including craftsy. Something wrong here 🙁

Sonya Fisk

The first thing I would is try free motion quilting!!

Gloria Ali

If I were lucky enough to win this awesome machine, my first project would be a log cabin quilt for my bed.

Gari Lihd

Winning would be wonderful. I would love to be able to work on an applique quilt with this wonderful machine.

Donna A Hartman

Thank you for this opportunity.

Lana Bouillion

I too, am an older, beginning quilter.i just turned 72. I wish I had taken it up years ago, or even when I first retired. Teaching, however, didn’t leave a lot of time for sewing. I’m a true beginner. I took classes to learn the basics, but at $35-45 per session, it became quite expensive. I also have quilt tops is desperate need of quilting. What a tremendous boon this machine would be. Thanks for the opportunity! I would love to see it show up on my doorstep!!

Joyce Lee

I would like to have it. May my wish come true.

Carol L Darby

Who won?


I would also like to know who won. They usually post and then close the “enter to win” button


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