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TIRED OF LOOKING at page after page of messy, poorly finished, amateurish jewelry, then suffering through half-explained techniques? Want to walk away with new skills instead of a new recipe?Producing quality work doesn't mean you need to take a lot of extra time - but it does mean you need to learn the skills. All of my tutorials are chock full of tips to help you learn to create and design professionally finished jewelry which stands out in the crowded jewelry market. MY PLEDGE TO YOUI will deliver the most complete and detailed tutorials possible for each project. There will be sharp, clear, relevant photos which can be enlarged with little or no pixelation - giving the best views possible to help you learn more easily. There will be clear and thorough explanations for how to accomplish the work - Actual explanations for *how* AND *why* so you can repeat the work over and over. Not just a gap-filled checklist leaving you with unanswered questions.Gorgeous jewelry and the skills to make it await you....... I've been creating some kind of fine and intricate handwork for over 40 years AKA - A Long Time. I'm an absolute fool for wire, beads, thread, yarn, embroidery floss, wire, fabric, beads, wire, and paper (oooh! origami!!) and oh, did I mention wire? Once I start creating - I swear my feet don't touch the ground. Time doesn't matter. It's like paradise, only you don't need to search for it. I write tutorials and jewelry magazine articles - my work has been featured in issues of Bead&Button's WireWork for the past year and a half and in Beadwork Magazine, I've had the great fortune to have been chosen as a finalist and placed in Bead&Button's Bead Dreams competition several times. All the world needs is love, sunshine, a beach to sit on, sparkly baubles to fondle and mu shu chicken. That's it. And as soon as I figure out how to combine baubles and mu shu successfully, you'll be the second one to know......

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Get your first class for only $14.99

Get your first class for only $14.99