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As the name suggests, I'm a mother of triplets (all boys) and recently a little girl. I love to knit, crochet, make jewellery and bake. My first introduction to crafting was knitting, a group of pensioners came to my school and taught us how to knit. we all made sqaures, which they sewed together and then sold for charity. Since then I've been knitting on and off but became serious about it in the last two years.Crochet came into my life when I was pregnant with my boys. I saw a collegue crocheting and wanted to know how to do it. So when I got home I looked at turorials online.I got into jewellery making in the same way, One of my work friends was making a necklace. Seeing that I was very curius about what she was doing, she gave me the full low down on the basic kit I would need to get started.Baking has always been apart of my life. I love baking but don't to do it so much. I'm waiting for my boys to get into school full time (they're three at the moment) then my oven will never be empty.

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