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Hollybird Beads (1)

Hollybird Beads

Having been initially self-taught in her jewellery making, after discovering the jewellery supplies aisle of a craft shop, brimming with brightly coloured beads, Hollybird Beads has spent the past five years educating herself in the art of beadweaving. She loves the intricacy and delicacy of this technique; how a few handfuls of tiny glass beads can be stitched into wearable pieces of beaded art. As well as finished jewellery, Hollybird Beads is now working on tutorials for a number of her designs to share with other beadwoven jewellery makers.Hollybird Beads has recently become interested in the use of precious metals in jewellery making and has begun learning the traditional techniques of hand-piercing, soldering and texturing metal, with the ambition of creating a range of jewellery which brings together both her love of beadwork and precious metalwork.

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