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Hey there! My name is Jennifer Burke and I am a multi-crafter. I learned how to knit & crochet as a child, and after seeing a cute pumpkin hat in a store window in 2003, I was inspired to take up the needles again. My return to knitting/crochet even included a few years of working in a yarn shop. So much yarn, so much stash....too little time! When I began to cross stitch, it rekindled my love for other crafts like knitting and crochet. My mother-in-law gave me a trunk full of embroidery floss that belonged to her aunt. I'd always kept cross stitch in the back of my mind as something to try, but never went all the way until I saw the new surge of modern patterns. I still design knitting/crochet patterns and, as an equal-opportunity crafter, I also make fabric buttons. Since each craft has a special place in my creative time, I couldn't make a shop that focused on just one of them. You'll find PDFs of patterns in my shop and buttons to go with them or for a special project that you have in mind. Everything is test knit by me to ensure that you receive a pattern that's free of errors.P.S.: If there's something that you'd like made specially, send me a message. Special projects & handmade gifts are always welcome!Happy stitching!

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