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Crafting, sewing and designing patterns came about quite by accident for me. Though I've had a sewing machine since I was 10, I only started sewing with any seriousness after taking lessons for the first time in 2010. At that time, it was clothes but I quickly became disillusioned with that when the garment would rarely turn out looking like the picture or drawing on the pattern envelope. Craft projects did usually not end up the same way.From there, I graduated to using and later servicing vintage and antique sewing machines after my husband bought me a Singer Featherweight for my birthday. Servicing machines lead me to identify a need for better protection for a portable machine while traveling and being handled.One of my first creations was a liner for the case of that featherweight to protect the machine from wear and tear when putting it into and removing it from the case. As soon as people started seeing the liner, they started asking for a pattern. Today, at the end of 2015 - due to unreal amounts of prompting - and help writing up what was in my head in a way that was understandable to others - from my cousin, Jo ;) - I'm finally publishing that pattern and working on others as I write this. A mere 4 and a half years later!

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