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Project Description

What was your inspiration? http://pinterest.com/andreacuda/craftsy-shoot-it-styles-pictures-i-like/ Looking at the collection, I'd say there are three main styles or style elements I like: 1. A single project/ object on a plain background, lots of negative space to bring out the shapes and colors in the project. Especially wooden floors or backgrounds look nice. Those pictures have a very "clean" and professional look, although - as someone already pointed out in the forum - it's difficult to estimate the size of the object without anything to refer to. 2. Projects/ objects "in action": an owl sitting in a tree, a crocodile attacking someone standing on a chair, that kid's hand just reaching into the picture to play with the building blocks... Takes that special idea for just this one item. Love this!!! 3. Kids playing. Wonderful pictures, but didn't find many that were "perfect" - very difficult to achieve, I'd say, probably needs a lot of practice (note to myself ;-)).

What you will need

  • I started a pinterest collection of photos of handmade toys and other craft projects
  • starting out from pictures I remembered seeing somewhere.

Q&A with Andrea Cuda

JHeatherington asked:
That looks like my style also. Not sure what style it is called. But that is what i'm drawn to so to say.
Andrea Cuda answered:
Cool! Have you also got a Pinterest board/ Flickr collection? Would love to see it :-)

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