Memories Never Forgotten

Project Description

What was your source for this photo? Other Tell us more about what inspired you. I capture God's world of nature, happy, sad, and eventful things in my life journey. I was always told I wouldn't amount to anything. I've always had a passion for photography, crafts, abstract drawing and paintings. But never fulfilled my passions/dreams. However, I'm slowly moving towards my passions and it's been all but easy. I was married for almost 30 years to a man whom I thought loved me and supported whatever passion or dream I had. This man who was once my husband, had such deep control and the mental, physical and verbal abuse became worse and worse. I wouldn't listen to anyone. Until, one day he almost broke my back and that's when I finally filed for divorce, which became final January 2013! As of today I am divorced, I still go to therapy bc I'm having such a difficult time trying to pick myself up. I'm slowly progressing, but I'm tired of putting what I love to do on hold and I'm not sure why. I'm trying, but nobody realizes how hard it's been for me. I will get there and fulfill my dream, and this time nobody will stop me from doing so. What inspired me most is my family, and my best friend. What is exciting or interesting to you about your photo(s)? The photos are original, no props. Just having fun! Anything that catches my eye, I snap it!! What are you most proud of? I'm an amateur and I'm not afraid to put out what I do for people to enjoy. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Never stop doing what you love! Keep your dreams alive and never let anyone tell you you can't.

What you will need

  • I just used my Kodak camera and shoot away. Unless it's my art.

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