Valentine's day iris card

Project Description

What was your inspiration? I saw some cards using iris folding techniques and I wanted to give it a try. I chose red and yellow for a break from the standard red/pink mix of Valentines day. After I made the heart design, I stitched around the edges with a piece of red yarn, and stitched "I <3 you" on the inside.

What you will need

  • White paper
  • tissue paper
  • thread

Q&A with CatherineS

Karen Louise asked:
I do a once a month Kid Kraft at the local library in our small town and am always on the lookout for projects that can be adapted for grade school children. I have limited space in which to work and am budget concerned (I fund). This looks like a nice possibility. Could you give me a little bit more detail on assembly.
CatherineS answered:
Hi! Thanks for the comment. The technique used to make the card is called "iris folding". I would suggest googling that, as it turns up many tutorials and templates for designs. Individual strips of paper are taped to the back of the cutout, starting from the outside edge and working in. Because the back of the paper can get a little messy, I would also recommend planning to have a second sheet of paper backing the design. In this case, I folded the white paper into quarters, so the front and back were each two pieces of paper thick, and then glued the edges of the two front pieces together after I was finished with the heart.