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Created by: Laura  Lavender

Some modern calligraphy letter variation

Here is a few letter variations!

You Can Make This

Laura Lavender made Some modern calligraphy letter variation with:

Modern Pointed-Pen Calligraphy

Online Class

Modern Pointed-Pen Calligraphy

with Laura Lavender

  • Pointed pen nib
  • ink
  • pointed pen holder

Project Description

Here is a few letter variations!

Q&A with Laura Lavender

Happytap asked:
Hi Laura, I recently purchased a zenzoi fountain pen. Will this type of pen be suitable for this class? Thanks
Laura Lavender answered:
Hello! In this class, I specifically use a dip pen & pointed pen nib - the pointed pen nib works with pressure. The more pressure on the nib the thicker the strokes. Using a fountain pen will be a bit different - however it can certainly be used to practice the lovely movements and shapes, and create beautiful letters!
lindalamp16426300 asked:
Does being left handed present a problem for this class?
Laura Lavender answered:
Hello! I am right handed, so you will have to "translate" my movements to the left hand. I include some tips on the course materials for left handed calligraphers. Generally, the concept is that a left handed calligrapher will need to figure out an arrangement for themselves which allows them to write, while seeing their letters, and not smudging them! I hope that helps!

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