The Garment

What type of piece is this? Painting

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kolorama1662292 made The Garment with:

  • acrylic paint on canvas 36"x48"

Project Description

What type of piece is this? Painting

Q&A with kolorama1662292

busybeeworker asked:
Really nice, I've always loved pictures of clouds
kolorama1662292 answered:
Thank you! It is what I paint most of the time. I call them 'Skyscapes".
iluvmykid933291 asked:
Beautiful Detail and use of color. This evokes it!
kolorama1662292 answered:
Thank you. This painting recently won an 'ward from "Manhattan Arts International"
susan.y asked:
love, love, love your use of color and i love the reflection in the water. what is the ispiration for the name of the painting?
kolorama1662292 answered:
I felt like the the cloud covering was like a garment protecting the in a "Spiritual Garment".
mnereida.1996306 asked:
kolorama1662292 answered:
Thank you!!
Jenniferstouch asked:
Absolutely beautiful I'd love to learn how
kolorama1662292 answered:
Thank you. I actually don't know how to explain how I do my work. Mostly it is intuition... and I often put 10 to 20 hours into a painting and then paint over it with white and start again or work from the shapes that bleed through the layer of white paint. It is all about trial and error until something starts to come together. Simply takes the dedication to doing a LOT of painting:)

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