Project Description

What type of piece is this? Painting Share a little about the materials, processes and techniques used to create this piece. Transparent watercolor pet portrait on 140 pound cold-press paper Is the piece for sale? Yes Name of website or online shop watercolours.by.carol@gmail.com

What you will need

  • Watercolor

Q&A with Carol Mann

joanne.l.2222862 asked:
I would like to learn more about your work . And your classes, because the beauty , I see
Carol Mann answered:
Thank you very much. I teach in Washington, NC. My classes are for beginners and intermediate students who have a bit of watercolor experience. I have only been painting for 4 years myself, so I'm not qualified to teach advanced level students. I love what I do, and I'm always excited to share what limited knowledge I have with others!
AngelaTony Law asked:
wow talented lady
Carol Mann answered:
Thank you very much! It's not me...just a great subject!!!
blsmith7069@gmail.com asked:
Gorgeous! I thought your painting was a photo when I was checking posts on FB! So very realistic!
Carol Mann answered:
Thank you! I am a fan of Realism.
mvallavan1725880 asked:
great looking piece...
Carol Mann answered:
Thank you!!
jsmith.ke1687375 asked:
fantastic, great to see the enlarged picture it shows in more depth how you achieved such a realistic look, how did you go about painting the eyes? they bring the painting to life.
Carol Mann answered:
They eyes are the soul of the animal. I paint the eyes first, and then go from there. These eyes were established by painting wet on damp and letting the colors run together ever so slightly. Then I did the dark edges and the pupils.