Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes and techniques used to create this piece. Watercolors, a bit of salt in the yellow center.

Q&A with Jessica Bartlett

Mary P. Murphy asked:
Jessica -- this is truly lovely. Great sensitivity to colors and to water -- love the way you did the stem. A neat thing is the "lost edge" on the white petal on the top left. When you let one edge, or boundary, of the image connect to the background, it anchors it to the background really nicely. Check this out on masterpieces -- they are good ways to understand lost edges.
Jessica Bartlett answered:
Thank you so much. I will look into that.
NancyLynne asked:
Beautiful, i love the intricate textures on the petals
Jessica Bartlett answered:
Thank you!
lmfr asked:
This great Jessica, I really like it. Love the use of yout colors and the spatter.
Jessica Bartlett answered:
Thank you so much! :)