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Project Description

What type of piece is this? Painting Share a little about the materials, processes and techniques used to create this piece. I used the setup Kerry Dunn taught in his classic self portrait tutorial. I primed a piece of MDF with acrylic gesso. The MDF panel had been used in a previous painting as my palette so after cleaning all excess paint the tone that remained was kept as my base. My palette was cad lemon, cad yellow medium, cad red light, napthol red, permanent rose, ultramarine blue, pthalo turquoise and titanium white. I used burnt sienna thinned with gamsol and a touch of ultramarine blue to block in my head and my shadow shapes. I proceeded to work the light areas in my face and hair using medium values being careful not to use to much white. After applying the background I proceeded to work all my edges until I was satisfied with the image. The suggestion of my glasses were added last. Is the piece for sale? No

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Q&A with kevarth

PeggySchumm asked:
Really nice, the colors are fresh , which I found difficult - wow!
kevarth answered:
As you can tell I don't check Craftsy very often. Thank you for your comments. It fun figuring out how to do it isn't it.
Kerry Dunn asked:
Nice Kevin! Really good. Kevin teaches classes at the Ponte Vedra Cultural Center in Jacksonville Florida, which is where i am from. See ya in a month!
kevarth answered:
Thanks my friend. Your class really helped. Looking forward to your visit. Thx for the promo too.
eddy.gree4238418 asked:
This is really inspiring
kevarth answered:
Thank you very much!
Canack asked:
Love the title! The way you lay down your colours is brilliant and so is the light that you've captured. Thanks for sharing a little of your process and the colours that you used for this piece.
kevarth answered:
Thank you for your feedback! This one was a lot of fun to do.
Cort Rut asked:
I wish I had a glorious beard to paint too! Well done.
kevarth answered:
You can always borrow a friends or even a stranger. There are lot of beards out there these days. Thank you!